Apprentice Kim and her Marketing Masters Series

Kimberly_DavisLast week I was fortunate enough to attend the first of Kimberly Davis‘ (a contestant on the 2009 series of the Apprentice), Marketing Masters Series.

The day on Marketing Foundations was an excellent overview of how to market and promote your business, and ended with an inspiring talk from author and motivational speaker, Brad (Get Off Your Arse) Burton.

Here are my notes from the day:

Marketing Masters Series – Marketing Foundations – Tuesday 18 January 2011, London

–    The external perception of your company
–    Anything and everything your company does

Difference between sales and marketing
–    Marketing is long-term and has a slow build
–    Sales is short-term is about converting interest into sales
–    The Ying and Yang of business – requires different personality types

The Marketing Umbrella

1. Research
–    Necessary, even for a local business
–    Understand your customers
–    Understand your competitors – strengths, weakness, prices
–    Work out your USP – what is going to make you truly unique – ‘we provide excellent customer service’ won’t cut it.

2. Branding – the promise you make to your customers
–    Think of one word that represents your business. E.g. Volvo = safety, Rolls Royce = luxury
–    The devil is in the detail. Example of the five days of training Kimberly was required to take before her first day in a Pier 1 store in New York.
–    Create a brand book for your business

3. Writing and editing
–    KISS – keep it simple stupid
–    If your product is good, it will speak for itself – it won’t need to be hyped up
–    Use the reverse pyramid approach to writing – the most important words first – the most important points at the top

4. Develop the perfect elevator pitch
–    Not a list of what you can do
–    or an advert
–    You need to catch the interest of your ‘victim’.
–    E.g. My name is xxx and my company is xxx and we do xxx for xxx
–    Leave them intrigued and wanting to know more

5. PR vs Advertising
–    PR is what other people say about you
–    Advertising is what you say about you
–    If you do use advertising, make sure it includes a call to action. E.g discount coupon.
–    Remember the two second attention span of your audience
–    Keep to the moto – less is more
–    Word of mouth advertising is the best you can get. Examples of the Body Shop, Starbucks and Molton Brown – they don’t use adverts

6. Mailshots
–    Flyers are only any use for local businesses
–    Use them with incentives such as coupons

7. Print and production
–    Quality is important, as it reflects your quality. Example of ENO poster for Carmen

8. Merchandising
–    Makes money for you while you sleep – don’t use ‘chockeys’

9.  Events and promotions
–    Make sure you brand is maintained. E.G Ben & Jerry’s Sundae on the Common event

10. Sponsorship and Partners
–    Are there partners who fit well with your business?

11. Online Marketing
–    Purpose – to lead your customers to call you for more information
–    Build your database by giving something for free
–    Three tiers of website design (it is unlikely one person can do all):
o    Design
o    Construction
o    E-commerce
–    Seach Engine Optimisation (SEO)
o    Links
o    Articles
o    Key words
o    Blogs

12. Video and Multimedia
–    Mobile applications (Aps)
–    Presentations
–    POP (Point of Purchase)
–    Promotional videos (easy to record using modern technology) – use it show experience of person, product, service
–    DVD’s
–    Media

13. Social Media – How can social media help my business? (lots of people signed up, but only half on a daily basis)
Use for:
Research – Sales – Database (new contacts) – Customer Service – PR – Events and Promotion – VIP contacts – Networking – Referrals – Recruitment

14. Customer Service
–    examples of good and bad service

15. Create a Marketing Plan
–    ‘if you fail to plan, you can plan to fail’ – unknown
–    Architects, sailors etc

16. Create a System that helps your business – e.g. Event booking, emailing
–    Don’t make people wait
–    Automated system
–    Work smarter, not harder

17. Put together your dream team
–    Don’t try and do everything yourself
–    Surround yourself by experts you can trust

18. Get professional advice from someone who has done it
–    Smarta
–    British Library Business & IP Centre
–    Business Links

19. Network
–    test your elevator pitch
–    80 percent of business comes from networking
–    Pay forward relationships

20. Measure, measure, measure
–    It’s vital to know what’s working and what’s not
–    Use different promotional codes to track success
–    Surveys – e.g. Survey Monkey

Example of a very expensive mistake
–    Don’t cut marketing spend as it is a false economy
–    Don’t try and do everything yourself
–    You need to invest in your business – are you investing in holidays?
–    If you don’t have the time to do it right, then you must have the time to do it over again
–    Compare the cost of doing to the cost of not doing
–    You must be willing to make a financial commitment to your business

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